What must be done for the freedom of Sindhudesh?

Pakistan is a fragile failed state from within, drowning in inflation and corruption, identity crisis and crisis of federalism. Seven decades of military dominance over the state and Jihadist military doctrine in action has destroyed the very fabric of its society as well as notion of nationhood.

It’s nexus with China is the only way that seems an escape to the Pakistan Military Establishment, but indeed, it is not what they have thought. Pakistan is not easy to be tackled by a direct foreign invasion as it has fanatic military and can cause a potential nuclear threat to world peace and global security if not handled with care.

But Pakistan is a roof without pillars and can easily crumble on its own feet from within. The national independence movements in Sindhudesh, Balochistan, need global attention. Sindh, being the second most populous province of Pakistan, is not only the practical political antithesis to Pakistani theocratic statehood but also the economic aorta of the Pakistani state. With almost 70% of its contributions to the Pakistani economy it is the only land with two functional seaports along the Arabian sea, largest agrarian economy and largest number of mineral and natural resources.

Sindh is the strategic key to tame Pakistan. Pakistan is economically dead without Sindh. Sindhudesh movement is a wide-spread movement across Sindh with its followers in millions but has been ignored and neglected by the international community for decades. The only backdrop for the Sindhudesh movement has been the absence of national capitalists because of the migration of Sindhi Hindus from Sindh to India after partition.

That’s why Sindhudesh Movement has been lacking economic, political and diplomatic means to start mass uprising against the decades of slavery, humiliation and oppression. Therefore, the independence of Sindh and establishment of the secular republic of Sindhudesh is the need of history and key to regional peace. If, the USA, France, Germany, Israel, Europe, India and other civilized countries want to bring peace in the region they must have to come in terms with the political parties (not the individuals) related to Sindhudesh Movement and support them not only politically and diplomatically on international stage but also practically to empower them by every means against the tyrant fascist Islamist theocratic state of Pakistan.

The blockade of military aid, diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions and full-scale support of the secularist movements for the national independence of the historic natural nations chained in the forced federation of theocratic Pakistan, are the only options to destabilize Pakistan and establish peace in the region.

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