Freedom of historical nations from forced slavery of a terrorist state like Pakistan is the responsibility of the civilized world including India.

We comprehend that the Radical religious extremism and terrorism, sponsorship of religious terrorism by theocratic states like Pakistan, warmongering and nuclear proliferation, unnecessary arms race around the world, refugee crisis and saddest mass migration of the people from their motherlands arising from the ongoing military confrontations, climate change and global warming, hunger, poverty, intolerance, illiteracy, lack of proper water, sanitation and health facilities to the billions of people around the world, lack of good governance and corruption, human rights violations, genocides, fascism, military aggressions and the economic exploitation of the oppressed subjugated nations by the multinational states in which they are chained in, are the biggest humanitarian problems of this century.

If we analyze these problems practically and scientifically it would not be far beyond to know that these all have arisen from the world’s negligence of the existence of “national question” globally.

The End of World War II shaped the current map of the world comprising the states that were still multi-national, specifically in Asia and Africa. By the end of cold war a unipolar world has remained either indecisive or incapable of resolving this fundamental question of the existence and independence of the nations chained in these unnatural multinational states.

And that’s the reason that we are holding this conference on the platform of JSMM today, where we all have gathered to seek the freedom for our motherlands, to raise awareness about the dream of emancipation of our oppressed subjugated historic nations.

This is the dream that we all have commonly dreamt of. It doesn’t matter where we belong, either from Africa, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia or South Asia we all have this dream in common. Either we are Sindhi, Pashtun, POK, Baloch, Saraiki nations chained in the forced federation of Islamic theocratic fascist state of Pakistan, Tibetan and Uyghurs chained in Anti-democratic imperialist China, Kurdistan and Palestine languishing in the Arab World, Western Sahara in Africa or all the historic natural nations that are struggling for the emancipation of their nations and homeland; we all bear the prime responsibility to stand with each other in our struggle for the national independence of our oppressed nations.

The struggle for the stated cause is the integral part of our conscience, the moral obligation as human beings.

Humanity has undergone the laborious and toilsome journey through the ages to reach this zenith of the modern human civilization and evolution of humanitarian thought. The results acquired from the Anthropological and archeological studies of the human civilization and past are witness to the splendid laborious struggle of the human race for its existence and survival throughout the ages.

The scientific and technological advancements we entertain today are the outcome of the collective struggle and labor of the human race. The archeological remains and anthropological records of the Indus valley, Egyptian, Sumerian, Chinese, Western and Mayan civilizations witness the painstaking struggle of humanity till the date.

Civilizational evolution of human societies from the CityState of Mohen Jo Daro (Indus Valley) to the modern democratic states of the world, is the result of the collective philosophical and scientific achievement of the human race.

The ideology of unity of opposites as the key to “the process of creation” and the equality of man and women proposed by the ancient human philosophy of God Shiva and Goddess Shakti (Parvati), developed by Indus valley people, is the essence of the equality, importance and respect for all genders of human race.

The concept of Adam and Eve as the ancestors of the entire mankind in Semitic/Abrahamic Religions has also been derived from the philosophy of Shiva and Shakti. The very essence of this Shiva-Shakti philosophy was “intrinsic” focusing on “the self-realization of one’s own self” rather than looking outside in the universe for the answers, and it was the key to comprehend the very human existence and the basis on which the very foundations of the human society were laid.

It also addressed gender equality and equal respect for the women and men to be the mutual designers of human civilization. And history has proved this fact that human societies can no longer develop and prosper until and unless all sorts of the discriminations, biases and judgmental prejudices either based on caste, creed, race, religion or gender are not eradicated.

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