Appeal to the Civilized Countries of the World

1. We Sindhis are a separate nation and National freedom is our universal right, therefore, we seek moral and political support from the world for our national independence.

2. World must take notice and immediately stop Pakistani state’s military establishment and intelligence agencies from supporting their strategic creation Haqqani Network supporting to ISIS and others established and run the wide web of religious Madrassahs (30k approx..) in Sindh.

3. World must inquire China about the construction of CPEC against the will and on the cost of the lives of people of the occupied Sindh and Baluchistan, just for the sake of its strategic military dominance in the region which will push the entire region into endless political unrest and military confrontations. This CPEC project is not only harmful for the existence of oppressed Sindhi and Baluch nations but also a great threat to the global peace and regional military strategic setups which will only invite war and bloodshed.

4. The Pakistani military has erased the wide range of forests standing upon the thousands of acres of land from Sindh, triggering ecological dangers. World must put pressure on Pakistan to restore these forests.

5. Pakistan is breaching international water laws and dominant Punjab is stealing the waters of Indus which are legally owed by Sindh. Millions of acres of fertile agricultural lands of Sindh are left barren by building dams and canals over Indus, which has led to economic devastation and poverty in Sindh. World must stop Punjab from building more dams and canals on the waters of Indus and push them to remove all the illegal constructions (dams and canals) that are previously built on it.

6. We appeal Un to take a serious notice of the presence of state’s paramilitary forces in the academic institutions of Sindh which have been harassing the students and occupying the buildings, students’ hostels and urge Pakistani state to remove all the checkpoints, residence, and deployment of troops from the academic institutions of Sindh to ensure the sense of security and freedom of expression and freedom to politics of rights to the students.

7. World must urge the Pakistani state to stop the allocation of thousands of acres of agricultural lands of Sindh to military officials and return the lands to the farmers that were previously allocated to these military marshals.

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