Violations of Taiwan’s airspace by China may cause catastrophe

Constantly and deliberately violations of Taiwan’s airspace by Chinese fighter jets, that is why the south china sea and the whole region is rapidly moving towards Dangerous conflict and War, The United States has expressed concern over China’s violations of Taiwan’s airspace, and The world is also worried and upset of China’s Irresponsible approach and behavior, The whole region could turn to war if “provocative military” activities by China near Taiwan are not stopped.

There is a Extreme risk and danger that the world superpower USA and global power ( China) will be involved in this war directly, which could lead the world to a third world war. There have been more than 100 violations of Taiwan’s airspace by China, which is not easy for any country to ignore, because

Taiwan is a free, independent and democratic country, on which China’s claim reflects China’s aggression and occupying mentality. The United Nations and the world’s democracies must put strong pressure on China to stop its aggression, violations, against Taiwan, otherwise the whole region and the world could be plunged into war and ruin.

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