The religious conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls in Sindh is a conspiracy of ISI through Mian Mathu against Sindh.

Mian Mitho has long been a toy in the hands of the army and ISI and has been conspiring against the Sindhi society and the national tradition, interests and tolerance of Sindh for a long time.

Mian Mitho is harming the national and historical interests of Sindh by playing a conspiratorial role in religious conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls in Sindh, which is a dangerous conspiracy against the national unity of Sindh.

Pakistan’s military and agencies are using Mian Mitho as a conspiratorial ploy against Sindh’s national interests to religious conversion of Sindhi Hindu girls. The conspiracy which the people of Sindh and the national movement (JSMM) will not accept and tolerate under any circumstances.

We warn Mian Mitho and ISI agents to immediately stop this conspiracy to convert Sindhi Hindu girls as a muslim. Otherwise, the Sindh National Movement will launch a strong campaign against state backed elements and ISI agents, including Mian Mathu and others.

Certainly Sindh National Movement will not remain silent against such anti-Sindh acts of Pakistani agencies and its agents. Sindhi Hindus are integral part of mother land Sindh and Sindhi Nation. We consider such conspiracy against sindhi hindu girls as Pakistan’s conspiracy against Sindh.

JSMM warns, if Mian Mitho becomes a facilitator of ISI in the conspiracy to convert Sindhi Hindu girls, then Mian Mitho will have to suffer dire consequences.

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