Now Indian political leadership must have to think seriously about Pakistani terrorism in Kashmir

Pakistan has imposed war in Kashmir against India in the name of jihad from long time, India shall take the war which is started by Pakistan back to its own door and India shall fight there in form of independence of sindhudesh and balochistan india must protect its own interests.

If India will compress this war of Pakistan in name of “war on terror” against itself and wait for terrorists in Kashmir it will be assumed as India’s own strategic weakness and mistake. Now not only let Kashmir be the ground of war, now it must be broadened and directly fought in form of independence struggle of oppressed nations Sindhudesh and Balochistan, to stop terrorism of Pakistan and for the independence of oppressed and occupied nations this strategy is inevitable.

The terrorism whose foundation was laid by Pakistan against India must be sent back to Pakistan, war of independence of sindhudesh will not only result in independence of sindhudesh, but it will also prove itself in failure of jihadi strategy and policy of Pakistan against India and this struggle will prove itself as protection of interests of India, this war can be fought within Pakistan and India must fight this war within Pakistan.

 In that context BJP government policy makers and political leadership of India must take bold, brave and historical decision to openly support independence struggle of Sindhudesh and Balochistan like Congress supported independence struggle of Bangladesh in 1971 and must give immediate, timely and equivalent help to independence struggle of Sindhudesh and Balochistan, in that context India political leadership must contact real political leadership of Sindhudesh or Pakistan will continuously increase momentum of jihadi terrorism in Kashmir against India and it will adopt many names, forms and faces, Islamic jihad or khalistan or any other extremist group Pakistan will never stop it’s conspiracies and deception against india until India do not openly supports national movements within Pakistan whether it is Khalistani terrorism or China Pakistan nexus on border Pakistan will never end enmity with India until Pakistan is not dismantled.

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