A committee has been formed to contact with all political leaders and intellectual of Sindh.

For the joint recognition of historical opinion of motherland sindh and sindhi nation we have decided to hold a national political gathering under banner of “sindhudesh national conference” in leadership of political parties of sindh, intellectuals, journalist’s, social organizations, human rights workers, student leader’s, peasants, labor movements, religious leadership (hindu and muslim), international sindhi Diaspora, social media activist’s.

Agenda of conference is to form “sindhudesh national commission” to put historical national, political case of independence of sindhudesh in front of international community, united nations and global leadership which will create a case to represent historical, national consciousness and conscience of motherland sindh in front of united nations and international community in this context JSMM leadership is making contact’s through social for participations from sindh, indian sindhi’s (sindhi and urdu speaking) residing all over the globe (america, europe, britain arab world and canada) for that purpose JSMM is thinking to form a committee under kehkashan haider (mqm) ruknudin taj bhai (mqm) JSMM leader sajjad shar jsfm leader hussain shabrani and JSMM leader shahnawaz bhutto in that context the decision will be finalized after contact with above mentioned honorable personalities.

Committee will contact with leadership of sindh, india and world, sindhi and urdu speaking intellectuals and leadership specially MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain, JSQM Chairman Sunan Khan Qureshi, JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat, JSM Leader Khaliq Junejo, JSM leader Riaz Chandio, JSFM Chairman Sohail Abro, JST chairman, intellectual Dilshad Bhutto Senior, Hujjat Abbasi, sarfaraz memon, nationalist leader Nawaz Khan Zounr, Rubina Shaikh from World Sindhi Congress, Munawar Laghari, Ali Noonari, Taj Joyo sodho sindhi and prem tanwaani, narain bablani from india to form recommendations committee for the preparation of pattern and date of “Sindhudesh national conference“.

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