“Sindh” is the land of river Sindhu (The Indus) from which she has taken her name. A historical land of one
of the most gracious civilizations on the Earth: “The Indus Valley Civilization”: where, the ancient city of
“Moen jo Daro” stands still. It’s the cradle of human civilization and culture, first democratic city state of
the world, which pioneered trade, navigation and the first ever code of laws. Sindh is the land of
Philosophy of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti which cited the first ever theories of evolution of mankind
and human civilizations to the ancient world; whose wisdom, knowledge, culture, civilization, arts are well
known to the world today. Sindh had been surviving thousands of alien invasions throughout her history
till she finally caught up with mighty British Empire in 1843 A.D. Till then, she has been forcibly deprived
of its geographic, economic, political identity and freedom, and is ill-fated to be subjected to severe
illiteracy, social frustration, indecency, religious extremism; where vulnerable religious minorities like
Sindhi Hindus, Shias, Christians, Ahmadis are suffering severe atrocities and humiliations. Condition of
people of the oppressed Sindhi nations is pitiable who are routinely victimized by savagery and offensive
aggression of state institutions, disrespecting basic human rights.
It’s the worst form of offence, contempt and disrespect to basic human rights to forcibly occupy, genocide
and exploit the lands and resources of the historical natural nations. National political slavery is the
deepest disgrace and humiliation to human rights which we Sindhi people have been suffering in this 21st
century. It’s the worst political economic destruction and human rights violation throughout the history
of mankind which could only be termed as the national genocide. This is the plight of today’s Sindh which
have been the custodian of human harmony, religious coexistence, pioneer of civilizations due to her
economic prosperity and richness of mental faculties.
The historical free land of Sindh was enchained in the slavery of mighty remnants of British i.e. the Punjabi
army in the name of theocratic state of Pakistan on 14th of August 1947, when British quitted the India.
Till then, Sindh has been suffering the enforced slavery, atrocities, exploitation, oppression and
occupation by Pakistan. A historical free land, whose history and civilization dates back to prehistoric
times, is deprived of its national identity, geographic, politico-economic authority, right to freedom of
expression and freedom of organization, national and human rights, liberties of social cultural customs
and religious practices, education, health, right to activism etc. This is a picture of 21st century’s Sindh,
where, in spite of human rights laws, including the right to life in Article 4, Clause 2 (a) of the Pakistani
Constitution political activists for freedom are continuously being abducted, enforcedly disappeared,
illegally detained for months and years, inhumanly tortured, extra-judicially killed and their mutilated
bodies dumped along roadsides, in gunny bags and piles of trash by state’s security agencies. Political
parties are banned and bounties and big rewards offered for the heads of political leaders by the State to
restrain them from playing their political role for their nations. In spite of these violations and the outcry
of Sindhis in mourning and protest, the government is silent about these problems, refusing to speak
about them or even acknowledge them.
Here, we are enlisting the Sindhi political activists who were either abducted, tortured and killed or
assassinated at sight by Pakistani secret agencies.

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