ISI forcibly disappears hundreds of political activists in Sindh, including Ijaz Gaho the member of central committee of JSMM

Zakir Sahto, Sagar Saeed Gadhi, Shabir Buledi, Zafar Chandio, Suhail Raza Bhutto, Muhammad Khan Waghi, Sajjad Mangijo, Pathan Khan Zahrani, Survech Nuhani, Insaf Dao, Allah Wadhayo Mehr, Mohan Meghwar, Murtaza Junejo, Fateh Mohammad Koso, Ayub Kambo, Akash Sargani, Majid Carew, Zaheer Odho and hundreds of other political activists and social media activists Has been reported forcibly arrested and disappeared by state agencies The United Nations, the international community and Amnesty International are called upon to put pressure on the Pakistani state to save the lives of Sindh’s forcibly disappeared political activists, including bodyguard ijaz Gaho.

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