Why does the ban apply only to Iran?

We are against nuclear weapons in the world in principle. They are a serious threat to human survival. But we also do not understand how and why the countries of the world which are themselves nuclear powers are preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power. If other countries of the world have nuclear weapons, then Iran should also have, or all the countries of the world should dismantle nuclear weapons then Iran should also be stopped from developing nuclear weapons. Otherwise, if everyone has nuclear weapons, then why Iran is being stopped is incomprehensible. From an honest and political-economic-psychological point of view, nuclear weapons from Pakistan are a serious threat to the world against which the whole world has kept a criminal silence and expediency. If one looks at it honestly from a political-economic-psychological point of view, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are a serious threat to the whole world, because Pakistan, being a religious extremist state, has proved to be a political and economic failure. Regarding nuclear weapons, the whole world has adopted a criminal silence and expediency, which will have serious consequences for the world.

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