We strongly condemn on-going military operations in Balochistan.

We strongly condemn on-going military operations in Balochistan. We will not tolerate any state-terrorism at any cost. JSMM activists are advised to stage protest rallies and demonstrations against Baloch genocide and fascist state operation in Balochistan on 15th of April. SHAFI BURFAT

In a press statement, Chairman Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz Mr. Shafi Muhammad Burfat said, “this theocratic state, constituted over biased theory of two-nations, is proved to be a lethal poison for the existence of Sindhi and Baloch nations. It is grabbing our resources on one hand, and committing a mass-genocide of both the nation to silence our voice of resistance. It has clearly analyzed that National movements for the freedom of Sindh and Balochistan will surely put an end to this fascist state, thus it has started a multi-dimensional war against us. State-imposed-ban on JSMM and BSO (Azad) is also a part of that war. We will not keep silent over state atrocities and brutalities against our nations; instead we will confront these conspiracies in every battlefield.” He further stated, “Military operation is on its top in Balochistan, in which the Pakistani military is using heavy artillery and ammunition including gunship helicopters and chemical weapons too. Villages and towns of Balochistan have been ruined; thousands of children, women and nationalist Baloch activists have been killed. Recently, operation is being conducted in Sui, Dera Bugti, Gaonpat, Noshki, Mushki, Chittar fulji, Kharan, Kohloo, Kaahaan, Kech Makran, Asphalanji, Quetta, Khuzdar and other parts of Balochistan and I, on the behalf of my nation and organization strongly condemn this brutal state operation against our Baloch brothers and I share their sorrows equally.JSMM activists are advised to stage Sindh-wide protest demonstrations and rallies on 15th of April, against the ongoing bloody state operation in Balochistan, to show a full solidarity with our brothers. I appeal to the international community, countries and organizations to take a serious notice of state-operation in Balochistan and pressurize this fascist and theocratic state of Pakistan to stop these brutalities with the occupied nations of Sindh and Balochistan.” 12.04.2013

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