We appeal to the International community that Sindh needs your help to overcome the calamity & tragedy of flood and Rains.

Sindh is the mother of civilizations
Today, Sindh is completely submerged due to severe floods and rains
Two and a half million Sindhis have been displaced
More than 3,000 people have died due to floods
Millions of people, children, women, elderly, are suffering from Various diseases, hunger, poverty.
Five million houses in Sindh have been destroyed by floods
Millions of people are suffering from psychological depression due to the devastating scene of floods everywhere
Sindh has been completely ignored by the state of Pakistan.
Sindh is not among the priorities of the Pakistani state
The army is plotting to use the financial aid received from the world for itself
In these disastrous conditions of the terrible flood, the National Movement of Sindh (JSMM) appeals to the whole world and International community to save the drowning Sindh and the devastated Sindhi nation. Sindh needs your help on humanitarian grounds. Come forward to help Sindh
Come together to save Sindh and the Sindhi nation from the disasters of floods and Rains and help to save sindhi Nation Sindh and Humanity.
Shafi Burfat

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