US sanctions against the terrorist state of Pakistan will meet the demands of time and justice.

Pakistan, the theocratic and terrorist State in its essence and practice, is an unnatural state, a forced federation of historic natural nations. Pakistan is a state created, sustained and run by Punjabi terrorist and corrupt military proudly following pan-Islamist, Global Jihadist doctrine.

The Islamist extremism and terrorism is a strategic asset of Pakistan from which it will never withdraw. Pakistani army is using Taliban, Haqqani Network, Jaish-e-Muhammad and Jamaet-ud-Dawa to destabilize American peace process in Afghanistan.

And has been constantly conspiring against US efforts to fight against terrorism in Afghanistan from 2021 till now. The entire losses of USA and Afghan nation it the war on terror are covertly inflicted by Pakistani 151 and its militant Jihadi vessels.

Pakistan is the womb, vector and epicenter of terrorism and world would never taste peace and security until its destruction. The Pakistani democracy is nothing but a grand puppet-show whose strings have always been pulled by the playful hands of corrupt Punjabi army ruling Pakistan since its inception. Pakistan is a state without a nation owned by the tyrant fascist army.

The USA as an ally has been also playing unknowingly in the hands of notorious Pakistani pan-Islamist terrorist army, which has been deceptively using it in its benefit to stalemate the democratic and just Republic of India. It’s the US which has enabled Pakistan to get away with the four full-scale wars with India, notoriously initiated by Pakistan.

The US trust in Pakistan’s allegiance and loyalty has greatly enabled it to maneuver the political stability in Afghanistan after Soviet withdrawal.US think tank policy makers and army leadership must understand that Pakistan is a rogue corrupt mafia that considers extremists as its natural ally and supports more extremists than the US.

Now Pakistan is shifting its military, economic and strategic dependence on the west and selling it to China in the name of CPEC. Despite the disastrous effects of the CPEC on Pakistan’s sovereignty and economy the Pakistan army is selling all the key territorial and strategic positions along the Indian ocean to China for itself-centric benefits and the worst part is, all these assets belong to the oppressed nations of Sindh and Balochistan.

China’s naval presence in these areas would not only destroy our nations but would also greatly harm the peaceful American and Indian activities in the region. Escalating arms race, military tensions, nuclear buildups, disability in Afghanistan would eventually endanger global peace and security. CPEC is not just an economic corridor but the economic-military aggression of China over the Indian Ocean. Once established, this monopolistic agenda would bring nothing but slavery, destruction, military confrontations and disability in the entire world.

The US and Indian political leadership should keep in mind that Pakistan’s military and IS have been and will continue to conspire against US and Indian interests in Afghanistan and against the peace in the region at the behest of China. Therefore, the United States, Europe, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, India and other civilized countries of the world should work for the consolidation o peace in the Indo-Pacific region to end the conspiratorial alliance between Pakistan and China.

Let the civilized countries of the world play their role for the liberation of Sindh and other historic nations chained in pakistan, because without the elimination of Pakistan it is impossible to eradicate terrorism in the region.

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