UNO, Amnesty, UNHRC : Appeal to save the souls of sons of Sindh. Governor Kolachi and Others.

The United Nations Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International and the international community are appealed for attention as hundreds of political activists, including the vice-chairman of the JSMM, Governor Kolachi, have been arrested by Pakistan’s agency  ISI, and their lives are in serious danger. Pressure should be put on Pakistan to save their lives.Before the United Nations global community and international human rights organizations, we want to present the reality, Truth, and details of the brutality, economic exploitation, and political oppression, human rights violations, and state terrorism committed by the Pakistani state against the Sindhi Nation. Sindhis are a historic Nation who have been enslaved in the name of religion within the Unnatural theocratic state of Pakistan The Punjabi Army has been spreading religious extremism and jihadist terrorism across the entire region and World as part of state policy and The historic Nations like Sindhi and Baloch have also been enslaved and imprisoned in Pakistan based on religious military force and political oppression. The conspiracies of the state of Pakistan were also behind the destruction of the recent floods in Sindh, Most of the people of Sindh have seen with their own eyes that the army has worked in Sindh under a well-thought-out plan to divert the flood water towards the cities of Sindh. so that by showing the terrible scene of the floods in Sindh, financial help and assistance from the whole world are obtained and the international debt is owed to Pakistan. should be converted into aid, the state has imposed restrictions on the political parties of the National Movement in Sindh, political activists are subjected to inhumane torture in state torture cells for a long time and later The mutilated bodies of those political activists are dumped in Sindh and Balochistan by the ISI and the Punjabi brutal army. The natural resources of Sindh and Balochistan are occupied by Punjab in the name of the state of Pakistan. It continues in Sindh and Balochistan.
At this time, hundreds of political activists of Sindh and Balochistan are facing human torture in ISI’s torture cell and their lives are being seriously threatened. Lately, the central leader of JSMM and vice-chairman of the party Governor Kolachi and Three other political activists have Enforcedly disappeared by arrested on 4th October 4 by the ISI who engaged in social work for flood victims in Sindh.

Shafi Burfat
Sindhudesh National Movement.

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