This, 21st century world needs not the war but the struggle for peace and wellbeing of humanity.

This, 21st century world needs not the war but the struggle for peace and wellbeing of humanity. A struggle that would make oppressed subjugated nations’ dreams and longing for freedom, prosperity, political economic independence, liberty and social justice come true.

A struggle that could bring peace, rest and humanity’s long pursuit for the real existence of human brotherhood and happiness come alive and get stronger. Politically, we can describe it as the struggle for “the establishment of the true/real internationalism of all the free historic natural nations of the world” which can only be achieved by prioritizing (honestly/literally) “the peaceful resolution of the fundamental question of the national independence of all the historic natural nations which in its essence is the key that holds the potential of creating the societies that assure all the fundamental human rights, justice and civil liberties worldwide and assure the capacity for rationale of humanity being a single body”.

Which has always been a human dream that has not been achieved yet and will remain a dream until and unless the international platform like United Nations is not reconstructed to include the historic natural nations that are still languishing under the tyrannical yoke of exploitation, aggression, humiliation, slavery and subjugation chained by neocolonial fascist imperialist multinational states.

The nations that are deprived of their freedoms and their very identical existence. At this moment in human history, the entire building of the so-called “Liberal-World Order” is standing on the basis of globalization of multinational or “International Capital” with its strings in the hands of a handful of powerful wealthy nations that rule the world.

Even the “politico-economic interests of these mightier nations” are the real pivot behind the expansion of modernization and technological advancements throughout the world. Therefore, there are many shades of grey embedded in current “World Order” of the nations which can never be considered as just, common, equal or symmetric internationalism of the free historic natural nations” embodying the equal rights, powers and interests of all the historic nations throughout the world or the humanity.

Therefore, such advancement in the fields of science and technology, approaching every nuke and corner of the world can merely generate corporate consumerism but in contrast can benefit a little to the humanity in general, until and unless the basic humanitarian principles of justice, equality, rights and freedom are not internationally recognized as well as respected, and until the question of the geographic and politico-economic independence of the historic natural nation is not resolved.

Till then, these so-called technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs are incapable to bring any democratic secular political changes in the oppressed subjugated backward societies and nations, but instead can only serve the imperialisms and tighten the fetters of subjugation, slavery and exploitation around the feet of oppressed chained nations.

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