The reality of fascism and political interference of Pakistan army.

As the world is aware, Pakistan is a security state. Military dominates in all Policies, I.e; economics, foreign relations, internal affairs and controls all functionaries of government directly or indirectly,

Formation of National or Provincial Assemblies, Senate and even members of local government is decided by the army. No participant can participate and participate in the elections without the approval and support of the Army.

The democratic institutions in Pakistan – the National Assembly and senate are fake and their so-called members are just showpieces. Actually might lie in the Military who install their hand picked horses in both houses.

The civilian chief Executive (prime Minister) is nothing but a puppet and a rubber stamp of the Army. It is the history of Pakistan that whenever a PM tries to assert himself and starts to exercise his power, he either is sent to jail or hanged or put in exile.

Secondly, the Army belongs to Punjab, so Punjabis never supported any effective political and public struggle and resistance against the army.

The Army protects the interests of Punjab only.

Military uses from the day one since 1947 the religious groups, feudal lords and racist groups against any movement or struggle of centuries old nations.

Religious leaders always overruled and suppressed the voice of weak, oppressed and deprived historic nations in Pakistan and diluted the hatred and opposition against the army. In other words religion is used as a weapon through religious stalwarts.

Whenever the Military and People of Punjab feel the liberation of historical nations is taking place within this unnatural state, they gear up religious organizations, feudal lords and racist groups against it and divert the attention of the world.

World should know that the qualifying political struggle in Pakistan is the struggle for independence of Historical Nations – Sindh, Balochistan and Pashtunistan. Pakistan is nothing but the illegal occupation, loot, fascism and brutality of the Punjabi Army.

There is no secret that Punjabi liberals and intellectuals are crime partner with their Punjabi army in the process of enslavement and genocide of the oppressed nations. This is the main reason why the army dominates every institution including politics.

Punjabi political elite and religious organisations, intellectuals and liberals all have a tacit and silent consent, supportive to the army because after the independence of Bangladesh, Eyes of Punjab (being a landlocked and resource less Nation) are in the resources of Sindh and Balochistan, therefore the Punjabi nation, intellectuals and politicians – all are on the same page

In order to perpetuate this occupation, the Army constantly interferes in politics.

The world is well aware Pakistan is a military state and military dominates and controls every institution even of civil nature which includes commercial, financial and economic activities, Civic law and order, Foreign and internal affairs, so much so, the Military is influences preparation of Syllabi of Schools, Colleges, Universities and Religious “Madarsas”

Again, it’s the Army who decides for Political parties candidatures as to who may contest the countries Elections.

Sindhis, Balochs Pashtoons have witnessed the hanging, Killing, Jailing or putting the political leaders in exile to those who dared to confront the naked Interference of Army Generals and so they had faced the consequences.

JSMM urges the world community to take serious note of continuing Human Right Violation, Violence against religious minorities as well as looting the resources of Historic Nations of Sindhi and Baloch and Support the national independence of these nations under the universal Laws and political principles of the right to self-determination.

Shafi Burfat
Sindhudesh National Movement (JSMM)

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