The financial assistance that will be provided to the flood victims by the international community that money will go to the bank accounts of Pakistan’s corrupt army in foreign countries. The affected people will not get anything.

The international community is appealed that the financial assistance that Pakistan is trying to provide for the economic recovery of the flood victims will go to the bank accounts of Pakistan’s corrupt army in foreign countries. The community should distribute this aid to the flood-ravaged people under its supervision. As 80% of the destruction and damage caused by the flood occurred in Sindh, therefore 80% of this international aid should be handed over to Sindh so that Sindh In the economic crisis of Sindh, global assistance could be made available to the people of Sindh and the economic losses could be remedied, if the financial aid received by the international community was not distributed under the supervision of the international community or if this aid was not distributed. Suppose 80% is not allocated to Sindh. In that case, Pakistan’s corrupt army and Punjabi establishment will transfer this financial assistance to the bank accounts of military generals, and the flood victims will not get anything.
Apart from this, we also want to draw the attention of the United Nations and the international community to the fact that in the recent flood disasters in Pakistan, 80% of the losses occurred in Sindh, so if any international aid is given to the flood victims, it should be 80% should be handed over to the Sindh government, or if the assistance is given conditionally to the government of Pakistan, 80% of it will be spent on Sindh because there is economic destruction of more than two crore people in Sindh and the infrastructure of Sindh has been wholly destroyed. Therefore, the rulers of Pakistan should be obliged to spend 80% of the international financial aid in Sindh. Otherwise, the global financial assistance received for the flood victims will be squandered by the corrupt army and the elite of Pakistan, and nothing will be given to the people.
The world should remember that Pakistan’s army is the most corrupt army in the world, so international financial aid for the flood victims should be handed over to the Sindh government. Otherwise, the rulers of Pakistan will not give anything to Sindh.
Because the Sindhi Nation thinks that Pakistan’s corrupt army and elite have committed the crime and sin of submerging Sindh in floods under their conspiracy to get international aid and waive their debts? Therefore, the Sindhi nation has no trust and hope in the Pakistani state, and the international community should directly help the flood victims of Sindh under their supervision.

Shafi Burfat
Sindhudesh National Movement. JSMM

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