The final decision to form Sindhudesh National Alliance has been made

The Sindhi Nationalist Movement for the independence of Sindhudesh and other freedom seeking organizations of Sindh including the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement and International Friends of Sindh have announced to form a joint platform to formulate collective strategy and launch joint movement for the national independence of Sindh from the fascist theocratic state of Pakistan. The signatory organizations in the alliance will formulate a joint action plan and combine the political struggle for the independence of Sindh and the global diplomatic efforts on the diplomatic front for this noble cause. In this regard, today, on the eve of Bangladesh’s national independence, December 16th, the political parties and leadership affiliated to the Sindh National Movement have finalized the formation of the alliance titled Sindhudesh National Alliance.

The main objective and mission of this alliance will be the joint struggle for the restoration of the historical independent status of Sindh which was lost to the British Empire in 1843 with the British conquest of Sindh.

The formation of Sindhudesh National Alliance was decided at a virtual meeting attended by JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat, JSFM Chairman Sohail Abro and International Friends of Sindh Chairman Mir Saleem Sanai. It was also decided in the meeting that further contacts with the Sindh National Independence seeking political parties and intellectuals will be made to join them in the broader platform of Sindhudesh National Alliance so that the whole Sindh can be included in the national liberation struggle by making the political struggle and national resistance effective for the independence of Sindhudesh.The coalition leadership will present its National and historic case to the world’s democracies, the international community and the United Nations.

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