The Chinese Communist Party needs to put pressure on its leadership to end political & military tensions in the South China and Indo-Pacific region

China’s continued aggression in the region has become a serious threat to
world peace and security.

President Xi Jinping’s aggressive stance towards the region, including the United States, Indian borders, Taiwan, South China Sea, the Communist Party of China’s negative measures against Hong Kong’s political and democratic movement & thinking, The Chinese communist leadership has decided to launch an aggression against the whole world, The way China is dispersing its “People’s Liberation Army Navy” is at a rate not seen since World War II, as Beijing threatens Taiwan and other neighbors.

Top Pentagon officials warned that China could start a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait or other geopolitical hotspots this decade. China has occasionally sent a message of threat and fear against Taiwan through its military air power.

The uncompromising & Aggressive attitude of China is a cause of concern for the entire region and the world. China is also building its naval bases on the coastal islands of Sindh, which has upset and angered the people of Sindh.

The people of Sindh consider China as a modern imperialist country The Sindh National Movement (JSMM) has also protested against the China-Pakistan CPEC plan, but China is not ready to back down from its aggressive strategy.

The Sindh National Movement is also thinking of launching a political movement against future Chinese aggression and China’s plans on the coastal islands of Sindh.US, India, Europe, France, Germany, policy makers and intellectuals must support the position of the Sindh National Movement (JSMM) against Chinese aggression.

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