The army and the ISI conspired to assassinate Imran Khan to get him out of the way, ISI has hired an unemployed youth for 5 crores to kill Imran Khan.

Army is behind every terrorism and conspiracy in Pakistan,This is an indisputable fact and truth.
The army has turned opposition and ruling party politicians against each other by plotting this Conspiracy to kill Imran Khan. Now Imran Khan, whose Political Narrative was against the army, has now become against the ruling party. This was the real reason for the army’s conspiracy in which the army has succeeded. The youth of Pakistan had started hating the army due to the brutality and corruption of the army under the political training and leadership of Imran Khan, but now after this conspiracy of the army, the politicians will be engaged and involved to opposing each other and no one will take the name of the army’s Corruption, conspiracies and miscreants character. The army has shown a conspiracy that no one would have imagined. The army saved his live by bringing the murderer to the media Under a shrewd mind and strategy and also the direction of the hatred that was being held against the army in the whole of Pakistan.The army has turned that direction of that hatred towards the politicians.All this is always possible in this unnatural state, as long as this state continues to exist, such conspiracies will continue, Liaquat Ali’s murder, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s execution, Benazir’s murder, Murtaza Bhutto’s murder, Karzas tragedy and now. The conspiracy to kill Imran Khan, the mastermind conspiracies of all these hypocrites, goes towards the army and the ISI.

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