Submerging Sindh in floods was a systematic conspiracy, sin and a crime of the state of Pakistan to get international financial assistance and absolved Pakistan’s foreign debts.

Pakistan’s criminal-minded political elite and army have committed the sin of submerging Sindh in a systematic conspiracy to show the devastation of Sindh to the United Nations Secretary General during his visit to Pakistan to gain international aid. We appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres, to investigate the evil conspiracy of Pakistan’s criminal rulers, elites and corrupt army to flooding Sindh Just because of receiving international aid and the financial assistance received should be sent to the Swiss accounts of criminal rulers, political elites and corrupt army generals of Pakistan.We appeal to the United Nations and the international community that the Financial and material assistance to be sent to the flood victims should be given to the people of Sindh, Saraiki Wasib and Balochistan instead of giving it to the criminal, corrupt thinking and minded rulers and army of Pakistan.This is a shame and a pity that Before the visit of the Secretary General of the United Nations, as part of an organized conspiracy, the entire towns and villages of Sindh were completely submerged in flood water so that The attention of the world countries and the Secretary General of the United Nations should be obtained to get international aid by destroying Sindh due to floods.The state of Pakistan has committed this great crime and sin against Sindh in order to obtain international aid and to absolved Pakistan’s foreign debts by destroying it in floods and rains, which should be investigated internationally.
Shafi Burfat
Chairman JSMM

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