Sindhu Sanatan Dharma is the origin and ascension of humanity, conspiracies against it should be stopped.

Some covert anti-India countries and powers have Now started soft Jihad (psychological warfare) all over the world after terrorism, against (Sindhu) Sanatan Dharma, which includes mafia groups and agencies and countries with different interests, ideologies, and of the world including Islam.

The basic truth and reality are that the Sindhu Sanatan Dharma is the foundation, root, and mother of all religions, wisdom, humanity, and philosophy of the world, which is a Real fact that everyone including Islam is afraid of and instead of accepting this fact reality and historic truth, everyone has rejected Sanatan Dharma, Sanatan history, Sanatan civilization, and Sanatan moral and social value.

instead of acknowledging the historical reality and truth of Sindhu Sanatan Dharma, everyone has waged a psychological war against Sanatan Dharma, including Jihadi terror, and attempts are being made to conspire against it and encircle it all over the world. rather than recognizing the land of knowledge (India) and Sanatan dharma which is the basis of human knowledge, awareness, and enlightenment, conspiracies have been started all over the world to weaken the Sanatan dharma.

Sindh/ Hind has guided and led the entire world intellectually, socially, and economically for thousands of years where Sindhu Subhita was born, where young people from all over the world used to come to study at the University of Taxila. At that time 65 subjects were taught in Taxila, The Sindhu sabhiyata “Indus valley civilization” that founded the city-state of Mohenjo Daro And it is Sindh and India that has been the holy land of the world which was chosen by Ishwar for enlightenment, the great prophets and philosophers of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Philosophers of all the major religions have been influenced by the teachings of Santana Dharma.

even Islam, Christianity, and Judaism were born out of the social, moral, ethical, educational, teachings, philosophy, and principles taken from Sindhu Sanatan Dharma.

The world should not forget that Greece took the concept of its city-states from Mohenjo Daro, The Indus valley Civilization that gave agricultural, civil, social, astronomical, medical, mathematical, and trading laws to the world was Sapt Sindhudesh (India), which is the Holi land of (Sindhu) Sanatana Dharma.

In the current situation, on one hand, Europe is engaged in the struggle to get ahead of the world in economic terms

On the other hand, the US and Russia are engaged in a clash to gain their economic, political, and psychological supremacy over Europe

On the third side, China is showing its aggression and expansionism in the South China Sea, Taiwan, Japan, and the Indo-Pacific region.

The educated middle class of India has earned its place and the name and respect of its country from the world with its skill and ability and honesty in every field, including modern computers, with its sincere efforts and commitment.

On the fourth hand, the role of our region, the Indo-subcontinent, and the Indo-Pacific region is going to be the most important to create the world’s political-economic strategic power in the coming time, where the world sees the role of India as a newly emerging political economic military strategic world leader. In terms of economic, military power, and modern technology, all countries around the globe feel that India will lead the world in the future.

In these circumstances organized conspiracies against (Sindhu) Sanatan Dharma and the Indian people all over the world are deliberate conspiracies, there is no coincidence behind which misguided powers are involved. It has been issued against the people of India and Sanatan Dharma. We must organize and defend our history and culture (Sandhu) Sanatan Dharma openly against this ignorant and Jihadi psychology in the whole world.

Conspiracies against followers of Sanatan Dharma all over the world are not a coincidence but it is all a deliberate conspiracy and the dark and misguided powers of the world are behind it, it is a kind of soft jihad (psychological warfare) Some Jihadi and ignorant groups have been mobilized by some secret powers all over the world over the against the followers of  Sanatan Dharma, we need to stand up against these ignorant and jihadist forces which are against our history and natural enemies of (Sindhu) Sanatan Dharma and we must challenge them and their ignorant terrorist mentality all over the world. We need to Unite and organize, and They must be stopped at all costs, we must openly defend our history, civilization, (Sindhu) Sanatan Dharma. This is our basic duty and responsibility. In the end, I would like to say a fundamental principle that even after becoming Muslim, the people of Egypt feel proud of the pharaohs and the pyramids of Egypt in terms of their history, culture, and dharma and defend it, Likewise, to the people of the entire subcontinent, Remember one basic rule that undermining Sanatan Dharma is a kind of aggression and attack against our historical civilization which cannot be tolerated and accepted under any circumstances

, whether they are Hindus or Muslims, should be proud of their history, culture, (Sindhu) Sanatan Dharma, Rigveda, Gita, Ramayana, and Lord Shiva and Shakti Mata.

Har Har Mahadev

Shafi burfat

Chairman JSMM

Sindhudesh National Movement

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