“Sindh Wants Freedom”  

In order to put the national case of Sindh and its fundamental agendas forward to the table of United Nations, human rights organizations  and International community; JSMM announces to hold a National Congregation under the title of “Sindh Wants Freedom”  on July 6, 2013 in Hyderabad. 

A long period of political and economic imperialism and intense slavery has turned our nation handicapped and paralyzed. We invite all the conscious, political national activists, writers, thinkers, poets, women, old men, youth and all the Urdu and Sindhi speaking sons of soil to attend the gathering and we will await them.

All the countries and institutions of the civilized world are mistaken in understanding the establishment of the so-called democratic government of Punjabi imperialist groups which favors the religious extremism in the region as true democratic forces to overrule Pakistan. That’s why JSMM is calling a historical national political congregation under the banner of “Sindh Wants Freedom” to depict the true essence of Indus Civilization in front of the United Nations and whole world in the form of Sindh’s case of freedom by illustrating its true importance and justification to be the road map for global peace and human development. This congregation holds the purpose of informing the world about our major national agendas and matters of national existence and extinction. This was announced in a statement issued by chairman JSMM Mr. Shafi Muhammad Burfat. He further said that; We bear the whole world and our nation witness to declare in front of this theocratic state of Pakistan and its institutions that JSMM is a serious political party following political ideology of G.M Syed to regain ideological and economic interests of Sindh and also strives for the freedom, justice, coexistence, global peace and human brotherhood. It feels its core responsibility towards establishment of global peace and harmony in the light of teachings of Syed. We think that the survival of Sindhi nation and freedom of Sindh bears a significant importance in the establishment of global peace and prosperity because survival of humanity is dependent on it. That’s why we are holding this national congregation to declare on this state in a clear loud voice that if our demand of restoration of rights, justice and freedom are left unheard and if this system of adverse state oppression over Sindhi nation and imperialist resource exploiting mechanism is given a free hand as it has always being extended time by time then we, the JSMM, reserve the right to decide the right mode of struggle and world is witnessing by that we are fully prepared to pay the cost of freedom. And if our historical national and human rights are still denied JSMM will formulate vast counter-strategies and will declare a clear roadmap of political struggle for the restoration of historical national and political rights. JSMM will show its political strength and power by gathering the conscious commons, scholars, intellectuals and civil society of our nation across the roads and streets of Sindh. Sindhi writers, scholars, intellectuals, commons, students, youth, peasants, nationalist activists and conscious people will come out of their homes to accompany JSMM in her strategy for the struggle of restoration of rights of Sindhi people to their national, political, economic and geographical independence. JSMM will operate a vast, disciplined, strong and collective civil non-cooperation to restrict the state from committing tyrant atrocities against Sindhi nation. In this regard, as a true political, economic, ethical and psychological representative of Sindhi nation JSMM clarifies the national problems, thought and agendas on United Nations, International community and all the International Human Rights Organizations that Sindhi nation understands that:

1) Sindhi nation owes the waters from river Indus for thousands of years; therefore we do not allow any dam or canal over Indus. We demand immediate elimination of all canals and water barriers over Indus and seek an international acknowledgement of a complete divine historical authority of Sindhi nation over the waters of river Indus.

2) We demand international acknowledgement of our national ownership and right over all the mineral and natural resources (i.e. coal, gas, petroleum, forests, sea, fisheries and ports) of Sindh.

3) We demand immediate return of all illegal immigrants from other provinces and countries to stop state conspiracies of converting Sindhis into a minority in their own historical homeland.

4) Stop establishing Zulfiqarabad (Anti-Sindh project designed and funded by China).

5) Extricate intelligence interference from politics and academic institutions of Sindh along with removal of forces from the schools and hostels of academic institutions in order to provide a free and safer environment to Sindhi students for mental peace and rest that would lead them towards proper, innovative and creative education.

6) Stop establishing alien religious institutions (Madrasahs) by settling outsider religious extremist mullahs across Sindh to eliminate historical national traditions, culture and customs of mystic, secular, non-violent, humane and coexistent temperament bearing Sindhi society, designed to eradicate Sufi thought and traditions under a planned state-backed conspiracy against Sindhi nation. 

7) Stop imposing ban on the political parties, institutions, publications highlighting and struggling for the restoration of historical national identity and free status of Sindh along with economic and political independence of Sindhi nation from Punjabi occupation. This must also be considered in respecting our democratic, political and basic human right to freedom of thought and expression by stopping abductions, illegal detention, burning, dumping, killing nationalist activists and throwing their bullet-ridden bodies on roadsides, giving inhumane tortures in torture cells and inhumane fascist attitude of state towards nationalists.

8) Stop state interference and disturbance in the historical process of neo-formation of Sindhi nation (Process of political, economic, and psychological merger of Sindhi and Urdu speaking communities). State agencies conspire to raise hindrances through “divide and make slave policy on the bases of religion, race and language” in the process of historical formation of Sindhies as a modern free nation. This is conspired by Punjabi imperialism to extend its roots of exploitation firmly in the soil of occupied Sindh. 

9) Immediately stop the storage and dumping of modern atomic, chemical, nuclear weapons in the tunnels dig in the western mountainous areas of Sindh adjacent to Baluchistan i.e. Qamber Shahdadkot, Sehwan, Jamshoro by the Pakistani Army which pose a serious threat to the environment and biological processes of our territory and existence of life in the region.

10) All the small and big cantonments established by the Punjabi Army to extend its imperialism over Sindh must be taken-off. We consider these cantonments as enforced imperialism, colonialism and occupation of Punjabi Army over our territory. 

11) Complete Independence of Sindh…. SINDH WANTS FREEDOM.

In this regard JSMM puts the thoughts, vision, emotions, feelings, analyses, collective voice and political power of Sindhi nation together to raise it to the courtyards of United Nations, International Community and International Human Rights Organizations across the entire world and thus has decided to call on a National Congregation on July 6, 2013 in Hyderabad. This congregation would also serve as an Award ceremony where renowned scholars, intellectuals, poets, writers and other patriotic artists to acknowledge their life-time achievements and patriotic work in the service of their homeland.

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