Sindh has been a center for unification of religions and humanity. Shafi Burfat

JSMM activists’ observed religious unification and solidarity day, demonstrations, rallies held owing religious harmony and peace across major cities of Sindh i.e. Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Larkana and others. Demos recalled religious coexistence and condemned religious extremism. In his statement issued to media; Chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) Mr. Shafi Muhammad Burfat said, “Roots of ideological existence of all the religions across world are fixed in the soil of Sindh. She has been the motherland of conscience, knowledge and philosophy. We the Sindhis have created and nourished the philosophies of Vedanta and Idealism. Sindh has been a center for unification of religions and humanity. This land, 28000 year ago, had provided the world with the precious pearls of philosophy and conscience through the ideology of existence of supernatural force “The God”, and his role in the existence, expansion and laws to govern the mechanism and phenomenon of the Universe. Not only this but ancestors had given the ideology of realization of God, from Lord Shiva & Shakti Devi to the mystic and metaphysical existence of the Lord, and it developed great civilizations and gave birth to various cultures and traditions. All the religions of the world owe the ancient Sindh’s Dravidian features of existentialism and idealism. From Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism to the teachings of Guru Naanak (Sikhism), all the religions are mere fractions of old teachings of Dravidian philosophy.” 

“Till the day, Sindh bears an identity of the land that respects all the religions equally. Today, when the world is confronting religious extremism, Sindh observes the day of religious solidarity and harmony by giving all the religions, an equal due respect and importance and realizing Humanity as a base for unity. The sole aim of the day is to deliver the divine message of religious harmony and coexistence through respect of all religions politically.” he added. Chairman JSMM further said that, “If the world is willing to finish the job of religious extremism, blood-shed and fundamentalism, it would have to follow the philosophy of Sindhi Mystics and pursue the path of tolerance and coexistence proposed by Sindhi Mystics. World can only be led towards rest and peace by adopting the philosophies and ideologies of great Sindhi Mystics Shah Abdul Latif, Sachal Sarmast , Sami and Sain G.M Syed. We invite all the democratic civilized nations to adopt Sindh’s philosophy of unification of religions and unification of thoughts because the peaceful message of Sindh would surely bring them an endless peace on the globe. This is the only ideology to prevent the mass bloodshed and destruction that the humans are jointly bringing forth. He appealed to all the countries and humans of the world that they might help us to get freedom of Sindh from this tyrant theocratic state of Pakistan. He said that “I assure the world of our potential to resolve the current blindfold uprising of religious fundamentalism through the teachings of Sindhi Sufism.”

Massive rallies and demonstrations were held at Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah Sukkur, Larkana under the banner of “We respect all religions and condemn Islamist extremism backed by Imperialist Pakistan.” activists were carrying different play cards mentioning slogans against religious fundamentalism and showing respect for different religions. Rally in front of Karachi press club was led by central vice chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz’s Leaders Hafeez Sindhi, Ramesh Kumar and Sayed Zamin Shah. The Hyderabad rally organized by JSMM was attended by a wide number of common men along with party activists. Rally at Hyderabad was led by Central leaders of JSMM Mr. Bashir Arisar, Imran Laghari and Murtaza Chandio.Rally at Nawabshah was led by JSMM Vice Chairman, Dr Zain Bhutto and Asif Juno. A rally was carried out in Sukkur in the leadership of JSMM Central Leaders Afzal Panhwar, Sahib Khan Ghoto and Lala Sohial Pathan. Regarding religious tolerance, unity and harmony. Rally at Larkana was led by JSMM’s leaders Prem Dewan and Hameed Sindhi. Addressing the rallies, JSMM leaders said that Sindh respects all religions equally. They said that this theocratic state of Pakistan is providing its full energies in backing religious fundamentalism to penetrate it throughout Sindhi locals. They said that since a long time JSMM has been running a wide campaign against religious fundamentalism and extremism, and we organized these rallies to show our immense respect for all the religions. They urged world nations and countries to hold a responsibility to help Sindhi nation in getting their freedom and consider it a duty to echo the voice of peace and tolerance raised by Sindhis. They said that world countries should help us ethically and politically to attain our historical free status that had been engulfed by the Pakistani theocratic state. We Sindhis will show the world a clear and safe way to global peace and harmony.

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