Pakistan’s army has started Countdown against the government and Imran Khan. The army is waiting for the suitable time and situation.

The sharp differences between the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and the army have now come to the fore. lmran Khan’s rejection of the appointment of a new 151 chief at the behest of the army, The army is feeling humiliated, The army is waiting for the right opportunity and situation to teach Imran Khan the lesson of this disobedience. The army is divided over the appointment of a new chief to the 151 and Bajwa’s decision to remove the current chief. Most of the army is against Bajwa, lmran Khan has the backing of the anti-Bajwa army lobby, common people in Pakistan are now realizing that Imran Khan’s government will only last for a few days because the army can create problems against Imran Khan at any time through political opponents, or any non-political conspiracy against Imran Khan. The army can now go against the government to any extent.

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