National independence is the historical right of the Sindhi nation.

Honorable friends!

Today, through this conference, I want to convey the message of Sindh’s historic national conscience and decision that in the guidance of G.M Syed’s ideology of national independence of Sindhudesh and global peace, I demand the International Community to acknowledge my nation’s right to freedom from the fascist subjugation of Pakistan and I and my nation completely reject to be the part of the forced federation of fascist theocratic terrorist state of Pakistan.

My nation, Sindhi, has always been a custodian of Human brotherhood, religious and racial coexistence, tolerance, hospitality and a secular civilized nation which has been languishing under the alien occupation and subjugation by Pakistan (Punjabi Military Establishment and Elite) on the basis of false theocratic “Two nation theory”.

It has been deprived of its spiritual and social evolution, economic well being, political authority and geographic boundaries as well as its sea. Today, we inform the Political leadership, think tank, policy makers, intellectuals, journalists, writers, human rights organizations, parliamentarians of the world especially Germany, UK, France, USA, Canada, India, European Union, Canada, Israel and all the civilized free nations of the world that Sindh has contributed a lot in the humanity’s evolution of societies and civilization as it has been the motherland of earliest human civilizations and religions.

But its slavery, occupation and subjugation by the theocratic fascist state of Pakistan is a big question for the entire humanity and civilized world and it’s the prime responsibility of humanity to support its freedom. Today, we all appeal the entire international community and conscience of humanity to pay a serious heed to the acknowledgement of the unresolved question of the “Right to Self Determination and National Independence” for all the oppressed Subjugated nations of the world and support it.

I thank you all for your kind participation and giving us such precious moments of your time to attend this important historic conference to listen to the miseries and concerns of the oppressed subjugated nations of the world.

An important part of JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat’s speech at the International Conference, Germany on 28 august 2017 Frankfurt, Germany.

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