Martyr Maharaja Dahir the Defender of freedom and sindhu civilization.

Martyr Maharaja Dahir who sacrificed his life while defending Sindhu civilization and freedom
It was an attack of Arab tribes and ignorance against the great civilization of Sindh.The war of Arab (Islamic) barbarism against Sindh was a war between two civilizations It was basically a war of two civilizations in which Raja Dahir defended the great civilization and independence of Sindh and was martyred. Raja Dahir is the national hero of Indus civilization.
The Indus Civilization is one of the first and most developed urban states of human society, which has reached the highest levels of culture, science, industry and government.
Indus Dharma Indus Civilization Indus Philosophy (Show and Shakti Devi) Great Equivalence of High Human Social Laws.
The one who laid the foundation of the Indus Sanatan Dharma and provided the basis for the religions of the world, has been repeatedly attacked from Arabia and Central Asia
From the Aryans to the Arab invasions and the Indus Valley Civilization was constantly attacked by looters and invaders because the people of the Indus Civilization were very civilized in terms of developed and improved socio-economic and spirituality.
To this day the conspiracies of the ignorant and jihadists against Sindh and India continue in the name of Islam because it is basically a centuries-old war and conflict between two civilizations against the reformed people and homeland of the Indus (Hindu) civilization. Jihadi ignorance has been constantly conspiring and is still doing so today.
Today’s Pakistan is conspiring to enslave Sindh which is the homeland of Raja Dahir in the name of religion while representing the thinking of this looting wrathful Muhammad bin Qasim are still continued.
We believe that the war between Killer, brutal, looter Qasim and Maha Raja Dahir against two civilizations is still going on in the form of independence of Sindhudesh.

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