JSMM Chairman Appeal to the United Nations. Floods and rains in Sindh have created a situation of disaster, destruction and human tragedy everywhere.

Floods have caused destruction in Sindh, everything of the majority of the people has been washed away in the flood, houses have been destroyed, people are dying of hunger, misery and diseases under the helpless sky, Sindh is not the priority of the state of Pakistan, the ruler Instead of giving practical help to the oppressed people of Sindh, the Rulers are limited to rhetoric only. the children, women and the elderly have started dying from diseases and Hunger, the ruling party has become criminally negligent and indifferent, Sindh is surrounded by troubles, sufferings and sorrow on humanitarian grounds, the United Nations and the civilized countries of the world should urgently help Sindh. It is appealing to the world that if Sindh is not immediately helped, thousands of people in Sindh will die of hunger and millions of people will become homeless and destitute and insolvent.
We also appeal to the world that Pakistan’s army and bureaucracy are very corrupt, so the countries of the world should help the people of Sindh who are suffering from flood disasters through the political workers of the national movement, which will reach them directly.
Shafi Barfat.
Chairman (JSMM)

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