Islamic terrorism has started to rise in the form of Afghans and Pashtuns in Sindh, it is a new threat to the whole world.

In the current very critical situation of Sindh, the whole world should support the national movement of Sindh, in the form of Afghan refugees and Pashtuns, Islamic extremists and armed terrorists are organizing in Sindh, which will create trouble for the entire region in the future. Pakistan’s army is behind the resettlement of Afghan refugees and Pashtuns in Sindh. And this time Karachi has been made the base of Islamic Islamic extremism & Terrorism instead of Torabura and the mountains of Afghanistan, the world must understand that with the withdrawal of the American army from the region, Islamic extremism and terrorism have started to rise again in the form of the population of Afghans and Pashtuns in Sindh.
Shafi burfat
Chairman JSMM

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