in the name of Pakistan Punjab is exploiting the resources of Sindh.

JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat has shown his grave concern on the exploitation of Mineral and Natural resources of Sindh by Punjabi Colonialists. “We have determined to bury all the nefarious designs of enemies of Sindh. Silence of feudal lords owing to a flexible conscience Punjab is exploiting and looting our resources. Rivers, Seas, Forests, Oil, Gas, Coal and other mineral and natural resources are deposits of our upcoming generations. We will not allow anyone to play with interests and the future of Sindh. I request all the conscious Sindhis and patriotic sons of Sindh to unite and play an active role in the national movement. We want to gain the master-rights on the resources of Sindh. Sindhis who hat national slavery must come forward to play their actual role. They should join the struggle of JSMM and prove that Sindhis are a conscious, eligible and active nation. All the masters of dumb, illiterate and traitor feudal lords may listen that conscious Sindhis will not let you anymore to exploit them and flee the scene; they will be dragged and will have to face anguishing consequences. We will not hesitate a bit to take extreme steps to save the glorious past and bright future of our motherland. All these resources are a property and a guarantee of our safe future. Today’s protest demonstrations have proved that Sindhis are conscious about their hidden treasures and will not allow their exploitation anymore.” He said. He further said that our resources have been snatched at the point of gun, so we will have to push the exploiters alike. Sindhis must join our struggle to slap imperialist intentions. Oppressors have exploited our resources and utilizing them to rule us with tyranny. Our nation is craving the pain of poverty, unemployment, and insecurity. We are on the edge of devastation. Imperialist Punjab is using our money to build his own future. Our resources are being looted as Jesus’ clothes. They have deployed double compressors and heavy machinery to deplete our resources as soon as possible, because they are aware of our conscience and are afraid of national movement. I warn them to stop your impure intentions of depriving our nation of its treasures. JSMM armed with revolutionary ideology of G.M Syed will not let their dreams come true.

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