if attacks on temples ( mandirs) in Sindh are not stopped, then action will be taken against madrassas also.

Extremist terrorists have demolished Shri Mari Mata Temple in Korangi 5 Karachi, Behind the attack on the temple in Karachi and the demolition of the idols of the gods is the hand of the people of the extremist Afghan and religious fanatic organizations Jamaat-e-Islami Hafiz Saeed group illegally settled in Sindh by the state.
To discredit Sindh, we strongly condemn the demolition of temples. No such conspiracy against temples in Sindh will be tolerated. If attacks on temples in Sindh are not stopped immediately, then the whole of Karachi. Extremist madrassas will be locked up and similar crackdowns will be imposed on them.
Sindh is the homeland of a nation that believes in religious tolerance. The machinations and conspiracies of any extremist terrorists will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
In Sindh, temples are attacked by religious fanatics from other countries and provinces who have settled in Sindh with the Blessings and patronage of the state.
This is a state conspiracy against Sindh, which is sponsored by the state and its agencies. If it is not stopped immediately, then the madrassa’s psychological training centers for extremists and terrorists will not be allowed to operate in Sindh.

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