How powerful are the Freedom Movements in Pakistan?

From a historic and ideological perspective, the national movements striving for the independence of the oppressed historic nations in Pakistan including the Sindhudesh movement (founded by veteran Sindhi scholar and ideologue GM Syed) are very strong.

But unfortunately, only speaking of the Sindhudesh national movement here, has never been supported politically, diplomatically, and morally by any of the friendly

international powers.

GM Syed proposed a complete anti-thesis of Pakistani republicanism and national identity in his books and destroyed the very ideological roots of Pakistan.

Indeed, G.M Syed’s Ideology has defeated the pan-Islamist theocratic ideology of Pakistani nationhood on moral as well as practical grounds. Today, Pakistan has become a failed state from a politico-economic perspective.

Recently, the Indian air-strikes in Balakot revealed the isolation of Punjab and Punjabi army who didn’t get any moral support and political applause from Sindhi, Baluch, and Pashtun nations.

The fact that no-one is supporting the Anti-India hostility and hatred phenomenon created by the Punjabi army is just because of the ideological and political victory of the national movements of the oppressed nations over the Punjabi theocratic military mindset.

Therefore, We believe that, if these national movements for independence from Pakistan gain the required moral and political support from the international community and neighboring civilized democratic countries, the days of existence of Pakistan would be counted.

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