Efforts of India’s humanitarian aid to Afghanistan are being sabotaged by the Pakistan and China

 The decision by India to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan in the form of food, medicine, milk for children and reduce hunger, misery, poverty, but the Pakistan and China are trying to put spanner in it.

As the present Government of India intends to assist Afghanistan, this decision, spirit, intention and effort of the Narendra Modi Government can be considered as one of the most fundamental and important steps in saving the lives of the people of Afghanistan.

 In this regard, India had invited various countries of the region, including Central Asia, Russia and Iran, to attend a conference, so that the important countries of the region, including India, could immediately assist Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds and provide food, medicine and children to Afghanistan.

 The smoke should be managed immediately. According to a report, India has prepared hundreds of food trucks for Afghanistan in this regard, including the necessary items to be sent to Afghanistan, but Pakistan has obstructed India’s efforts, intentions and decision to help Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds.

The Afghan people are suffering from hunger and malnutrition, which could lead to starvation in the near future due to food shortages in Afghanistan. On the one hand, Pakistan claims to be a friend of Afghanistan, on the other hand, Pakistan is also hostile to the Afghan people by deliberately obstructing Indian aid to Afghanistan, which is a very regrettable and condemnable move by Pakistan.

We consider this act of Pakistan as a conspiracy and inhumane act against the innocent people of Afghanistan. On which every conscious human being can only regret and condemn.

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