Appeal to the UN Secretary General Mr.António Guterres, the European Union and the international community.

Pakistan’s political elite and army have committed the crime and sin of destroying Sindh in floods as part of a systematic conspiracy to get loans and aid from international financial institutions.
The Sindhi nation appeals to the international community, just as the Pakistani state has flooded Sindh as part of a systematic conspiracy to achieve its economic interests and get more financial aid to waive its international debts and get Pakistan out of the grey list. Pakistan committed an inhuman act of destruction, sin and crime against Sindh should be investigated under the supervision of the international organization and the United Nations. The JSMM will also approach the International Court of Justice in this regard
Details of the devastation and destruction of Sindh so far due to floods and rains.
3 thousand people have died in Sindh due to floods.
Due to the criminal negligence, incompetence and lack of assurance of the State of Pakistan, the people of Sindh are suffering from mental and psychological depression due to constant suffering, poverty, diseases and destruction. Because Sindh and Sindhi Nation are not a priority of the state of Pakistan, more than 5 million houses have been completely demolished, 30 thousand houses have been partially damaged Across Sindh, and More than 20 million people have been displaced due to the ravages of the current floods in Sindh
70,000 people have been injured in Sindh, including children, women, and the elderly, due to the collapse of houses and flood disasters.
Due to rains and floods, 4.5 million families of Sindh have been severely affected, whose property, agricultural land, cattle, grain, and everything has been destroyed.
80% of Sindh’s infrastructure houses, agricultural lands and crops have been completely destroyed
More than 1.2 million people’s livestock including buffaloes, cows, goats and camels have been swept away or killed in the floodwaters across Sindh.
Larkana, Camber, Dadu, Khairpur, Nowshera Jacobabad, Kandhkot, Sanghar, Ghotki Matiari Badin, Thatta, Tando Allahyar, Tando Mohammad Khan, Johi.KN Shah has been completely destroyed.
Even now the people are not being helped by the state, people are left alone to die of hunger and disease.
This destruction and disaster of the flood in Sindh was systematically managed by the state army and the political elite in order to destroy the Sindhi nation and by destroying Sindh through the flood the state of Pakistan wants to get financial support from the whole world in exchange for the destruction of Sindh. Just as Pakistan had created Islamic terrorist groups on the one hand and on the other hand was receiving millions of dollars from the world under the pretext of eliminating these Islamic terrorists., in the same way, Pakistan has destroyed Sindh under the conspiracy of the flood. The Sindhi nation appeals to the world to investigate this conspiracy of the Pakistani state, army and political elite. Along with international aid for the restoration of flood-affected Sindh, Pakistan’s conspiracies should also be investigated by international institutions.

Shafi Burfat.
Chairman JSMM.

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