A country’s greatness and national prestige is incomplete and meaningless without freedom.

Negligence of the historical duties is equivalent to death. We have been the creators of culture, humanism and equality for many thousand years. We have been captivated and chained in the slavery by the religious deceit. The greatest values of Sindhi society are being destroyed and demolished by extremist thoughts and fundamentalism. We are tolerating the political, economical and national slavery. We appeal to the international authorities, humanitarians, democratic and civilized world that help out the Sindhi nation-the creator of culture to get freedom from slavery, insult, extremism and fundamentalism. Chairman of JSMM respected Shafi Muhammad Burfat expressed his views in one of his statements. He further stated that Pakistani theocratic, Islamic religious extremist society has clearly revealed by defeating the democratic, liberal and nationalist ideology in the current elections and by making the narrow-minded and religious political parties successful that this state is founded on the basis of unnatural denial of history and there’s is no place for the actual democracy, secularism and liberal thoughts. That’s why the democratic and civilized countries of Western world should no longer remain in this misunderstanding that this current election has brought democracy to Pakistan. Instead we believe that current elections have stabilized and fortified the religious, extremist and talibanization ideology. This has endangered the existence of Sindhi and Baloch nations which possess secular and liberal ideology. He further stated that JSMM is clarifying this to the whole civilized and secular world that in Pakistani state extremism and fundamentalism is being fortified more and more which will endanger not only this region but the world in future. The existence of captivated and occupied Sindhi and Baloch nations is continuously being endangered. That’s why we also appeal to the civilized world to make Sindhi and Baloch nations free from the occupation of this unnatural state so that our national society and culture which contains historical humanism, tolerance and love may be saved from religious craze, bloodshed and fundamentalism. We believe that the world is suffering from this misunderstanding that there’s democracy in Pakistan but according to JSMM the secular, democratic and liberal ideology has been defeated completely by religious and extremist parties, because this theocratic state is established for Punjabi nation, where it is not possible to construct the real civilized, democratic and secular society except liberating the historical nations Sindhi and Baloch.

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