JSMM call for protest against Turkish Imperialism,
Rallies were held all over Sindh, Pakistan.

Last week ( 1/02/2013 ) Shafi Muhammad Burfat, chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) who is exiled since 24 years called to his party workers for demonstration against Turkish Imperialism over Kurdistan. Demonstrators strongly condemned Turkish Imperialism and raised slogans for free Kurdistan. Sindhis and activists of JSMM raised slogans “Down with Turkish Imperialism” and “No to Turkish Imperialism”. Protestors fully supported the Freedom Movement of Kurdistan and chanted slogans in favour of Free Kurdistan. Sindh wore a deserted look. According to JSMM Media cell the Activists of JSMM hold protest for their oppressed Kurd Brothers in different cities of Sindh like, Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur, Larkana, Sewhan, Khairpur, Dadu, Johi, K.N Shah, Mehar, Qambar, Shahdadkot, Wagan, Saeddabaad, Hala, Shikarpur, Thul, Dokri, Ghotki, Waarah, Mirpurkhas, Fareedabadd, Tando Muhammad Khan, Maatli, Badin, Tando Aadam, Saanghar, Qaazi Ahmed, Sakrand, Nawab Wali Muhammad, Tando Allahyaar, Sagyoon, Noshehro Feroz, Jamshoro, Kotri, Badin, Shikarpur, Dahrki, Mirpur Mathelo, Naseer Abad. Sindhi students and Activists of JSSF JSMM also protested in Khairpur, Jamshoro and Tando Jam Universities. On this moment, JSMM leaders and activists said that JSMM is striving for the freedom of sindhudesh which is occupied in the name of religion under the imperialism of Pakistan. They said they had organised the demonstrations in line with its call for a province-wide drive to express solidarity with Kurd brothers. As we accept them our oppressed brothers. We support their movement of freedom and we will support every oppressed nation. On the other side JSMM Chairman in his press release said that it’s a need of the hour that oppressed nations must unite for their right of self determination, if not then the imperialist and fascist countries of the world will occupy over oppressed nations. JSMM Chairman said that the oppressed nations must learn from their past and they must unite with other oppressed nations. He further said, it may well be noted that Sindh has remained a separate and independent country for hundreds of thousands of years. We are the nation which holds great contribution in the evolution of man as a supreme being on the earth. Even today, Mohen-jo-Daro stands witness to the fact that we had emerged into a highly advanced civil society some 5000 years ago and our ancestors had established the first city state in the world and we include among the nations who laid down the foundation of civilisation and culture in the world and wrote the books like Rugved. But since 1947, the sindhi nation is under the imperialism of Pakistan in the name of religion and is still striving today for the freedom of Sindhudesh. Being an oppressed nation JSMM believes that oppressed nations must interact harmoniously. He furthered said that he as a chairman of JSMM support the Freedom Movement of Kurdistan from the Turkish Imperialism, Baloch Freedom Movement from the Imperialism of Punjab (Pakistan), Tibet Freedom Movement from the Chinese Imperialism and supports all the oppressed nations of the world. He appealed to the international community, democratic nations of the world and the whole humanity that they must support the freedom movements of Tibet, Kurdistan, Balochistan and Sindhudesh and must take notice against the imperialist countries like Turkey, China and Pakistan. He appealed to the International Court of Justice, Human Rights Organisations that they must take notice of Genocide happening in Pakistan, China and Turkey against Sindhies, Balochs, Kurds and Tibetans.

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